A ticketing system is the most widely used means of correspondence that web hosting providers offer to their clients. It’s usually part of the billing account and is the very best way to tackle a problem that requires a certain period of time to examine or that needs to be escalated to a server administrator. In this way, all comments contributed by either party will be stored in one and the same place in case someone else needs to work on the issue in question and the information already exchanged in the ticket will be accessible to all parties. The disadvantage of deploying a ticketing system with most hosting platforms is that it’s not included in the web hosting Control Panel, which goes to say that you will need to sign in and out of at least 2 accounts in order to carry out a certain operation or to touch base with the company’s help desk support team. If you desire to administer several domain names and each one is hosted in a different account, you will need to use an even larger number of accounts at the same time. Plus, it could take a substantial period of time for the provider to process your ticket requests.

Integrated Ticketing System in Cloud Hosting

The ticketing system that we’re using for our cloud plans isn’t separate from the hosting account. It’s an integral part of our full-featured Hepsia Control Panel and you will be able to visit it at any specific time with only a couple of mouse clicks, without needing to sign out of your hosting account. The ticketing system offers a quick-search box, which will help you find de facto any ticket that you’ve opened in the past, if necessary. Additionally, you can see knowledge base articles that belong to various problem categories, which you can select, so you can learn how to deal with a particular problem even before you actually open a ticket. The response time is maximum 60 minutes, so you can obtain quick assistance at any particular time and if our tech support team recommends that you do something inside your account, you can do it instantly without leaving the Hepsia Control Panel.

Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with all our semi-dedicated hosting plans, was built with the notion that you should be able to manage everything connected with your semi-dedicated account in a single location and the trouble tickets aren’t an exception. Our ticketing system is integrated into the Hepsia Control Panel, so, if you’ve got a query or come across a challenge, you can touch base with our customer care team instantly without needing to go to a completely different admin console. You can browse through your web files or check various settings within your account whilst sending a new ticket or reading the response to an old one. If you’ve got heaps of tickets and you would like to find a particular one, you can use the smart search box, which is available in the Help section of the Hepsia Control Panel. We’ll make sure you get a response in less than sixty minutes irrespective of the essence of your question or problem.