With an email forwarding activated for a given e-mail address, all inbound messages will be forwarded to a third-party e-mail address you have selected although the latter will not be in the list of recipients and also, the email sender will never be informed exactly where their e-mail will go. You can use such a feature in case you have numerous emails since it will be easier to get all inbound emails in just a single email address instead of logging in and out of different ones all the time or configuring a number of mailboxes in an email application. If you run a company or maybe an organization, the email forwarding is a solution to look at all e-mails received by numerous departments for better coordination. In addition, you can make use of this feature the opposite way round - an email sent to a standard mailbox can be sent to several people.

E-mail Forwarding in Cloud Hosting

It is really very easy to set up forwarding for virtually every e-mail address configured inside a cloud hosting account from our company. You can do this either when you create a brand new email address using your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, or at any moment later because the forwarding may be activated and disabled for every existing email address with a couple of clicks. It is also possible to choose if a copy of the inbound emails will be maintained on our servers, a really handy feature. This will be a fail-safe whenever the remote mailbox is not accessible for some reason, not mentioning you will always have a backup of all your e-mails. When this feature is not activated for a specific e-mail address on our end, an incoming message will be received and sent forward, so no record of it will remain on the server. In case the remote mailbox is unavailable for the moment, you'll lose this e-mail.

E-mail Forwarding in Semi-dedicated Servers

With a semi-dedicated server plan through our company, it takes only a few clicks to forward any email addresses located in the account to a third-party mailbox. You will be able to achieve this from the feature-rich Email Manager area of the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel and during the task you could also decide if a backup of your e-mails should be maintained on our servers or not. The aforementioned feature is optional, but rather useful as you will get a backup of your inbound messages, so regardless of whether anything happens with the other email address, you won't lose any data. You can activate or disable the forwarding for every mailbox at any time and forward the e-mails to various email addresses if you would like. Additionally, you will be capable to view a list of all the mailboxes that are being forwarded and also where the email messages are being forwarded to.